Fee Policy

Because many planning intentions and even some mature structuring efforts cannot be fully mapped-out at the start, we work with our clients to offer fee strategies that help allocate the project resources appropriately and incrementally.

Our primary goal is to document a better understanding of the project requirements prior to committing to a full-scale engagement. The deliverables for a typical evaluation phase are:

  • Liminary requirements definition;
  • Project schedule and estimated level of effort.

Once these objectives are clearly defined and understood, a fee proposal is created. There are three fee models available, depending on our clients’ preferences:

  • A fee for service (“pay-as-you-go”) hourly rate plus actual expenses incurred;
  • A (“not-to-exceed”) lump sum fee;
  • A firm fixed price (we can offer this option to our clients for tasks that can be clearly estimated).

Our fee models are intended to allow our clients to have a crystal clear visibility into the financials of a project, without hidden or last minute add-ons:

  • We do not work with generalized quotes (our proposals are fully customized);
  • We always provide transparent and itemized proposals (to ensure our clients know exactly what is and isn’t included);
  • We never go beyond agreed fees (we truly honor negotiated terms);
  • We pay equally close attention to highly commercial projects and not-for-profit charity ones alike;
  • We strive to foster a fee policy that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and transparency.

This fee policy may be a challenge to some in the corporate, institutional and private wealth service “communities”, but it has been and will always be,

at the very heart of what we stand for!