Corporate Services

Trust is a unique opportunity to work with our clients and build long-term relationships. Always with a deep sense of discretion, diligence, impartiality, independence, transparency and a value-added approach.

We offer corporate services in the Netherlands, Curacao and Luxembourg, where our ability to render tailored specialized services consistently, expertly and personally, has brought us the success that matters most to us: highly satisfied clients and enduring relations – across market cycles and generations.

Company formation & domiciliation services

  • Company name availability verification;
  • Coordination, implementation and supervision of offshore company formation;
  • Coordination, implementation and supervision of onshore company formation;
  • Branch registration for foreign corporations;
  • Representative office registration;
  • Provision of registered office facilities;
  • Provision of registered agents;
  • Provision of local representatives.

Company management, company secretarial, transfer agency & compliance services

  • Provision of (deputy, executive, non-executive or supervisory) directors or governors;
  • Provision of company secretaries, managers and other corporate officers;
  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records;
  • Proxy processing;
  • Coordination of statutory meetings (i.e. AGMs/EGMs);
  • Public and private recordkeeping;
  • Guidance of share allotment;
  • Undertaking of shareholders information and legal notification dispatching;
  • Proactive involvement in day-to-day management;
  • Management reporting;
  • Monitoring corporate activities and liabilities;
  • Legal representation;
  • Preparation and submission of VAT and witholding tax filings;
  • Coordination of corporation tax filings;
  • Corporate governance;
  • International compliance.

Accounting, financial reporting & treasury support services

  • Set-up and maintenance of accounting files and bookkeeping records;
  • Preparation of general ledgers;
  • Accounting according to specifically accepted accounting principles (e.g. local GAAP, US GAAP, etc.);
  • Accounting according to international financial reporting standards (i.e. IFRS);
  • Provision of consolidated reports;
  • Preparation of management and statutory accounts;
  • Coordination and supervision of audits.

Foundation, trust, trustee & counsel coordination services

  • Coordination and supervision of offshore trust formation;
  • Trusteeship and related services;
  • Discretionary management of assets;
  • Administration of trust funds;
  • Trust accounting and maintenance of asset ledgers;
  • Global coordination and guidance.

Ancillary services

  • Company re-domiciliation services;
  • Company restoration services;
  • Corporate housekeeping services;
  • Company dissolution services (including preparation of closing balance sheets, maintenance of corporate records etc.);
  • Cross-border merger coordination services;
  • Apostille, notarization and certification coordination services;
  • Global (multi-territory) liaison and world-wide coordination services.
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