Accounting & Payroll

Continuously changing reporting and compliance standards is putting pressure on your finance department. Risking non-compliance, increased liability and, above all, an unnecessary overburden on you and your employees.

Our dedicated professionals at HulsbosKlatt, a BK Group subsidiary, will guide you through all the regulatory accounting and tax compliance requirements. We provide cost-effective accounting and financial reporting solutions for all clients.

Accounting for foreign companies

  • Processing all source documents, such as sales- and purchase invoices, bank statements, inventories, expense reports, fixed assets, journal entries for payroll, or any other financial documents concerned;
  • Completing the ledger including balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, maintaining accounts receivables and accounts payables;
  • Reconciliation of balance sheets and profit- and loss accounts.

Payroll and Human Resources

  • Monthly payroll for the company’s employees;
  • Journal entries for the companies;
  • 30%-rule applications for expatriates;
  • Annual filings for tax and social insurances;
  • Illness reporting;
  • Human resources assistance.

Reporting and annual accounts

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting for management and/or consolidation under required accounting standards;
  • Reconciliation of intercompany transactions, balance sheet and profit and loss accounts;
  • Preparation of the annual statutory accounts in accordance with applicable reporting standards;
  • Accounting support of general matters, e.g. assistance to auditors.

Tax compliance

  • Tax flings for VAT, Payroll and Corporate income taxes;
  • Personal income tax returns;
  • Dividend tax returns;
  • All other related tax compliance issues.

Expat services

  • Prepare and submit your personal annual tax return;
  • Provide advice on special aspects and advantages such as the Dutch 30% tax ruling;
  • Create clarity regarding pension entitlement when reaching retirement age;
  • Planning for future changes in income.
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